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The ‘Priests are one of the coolest bands this United Kingdom has ever produced.. Uberrock Magazine

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‘Inbred white trash sons of Iggy P,, Johnny T,, Lemmy & Handsome Dick.. An awesome mess of rampantly sexual, high action, anthemic, sweat sodden Rock ‘n’ Roll’ were words used to describe the band in an early review – and probably as accurate now as they were then.

After being snapped up by Sweden’s Bootleg Booze Records to release their debut album ‘Tight N’ Exciting’’ in 2007, their extensive catalogue of releases now total three studio albums, a Live album a Japan-only compilation album, three EPs, & to date twenty 7” singles (including split releases with Dwarves, Electric Frankenstein, Bloodlights and Pagans) released by various independent labels from all over Europe & the USA.

Fiercely independent and tirelessly driven, over 10 years the ‘Priests have preached their high energy sermon of misanthropy, hate, sex and contempt across tours of the UK, Europe and USA, and made countless rapturously received festival appearances, including the final Speedfest and Sjock in 2017. Gaining a richly deserved reputation as a white hot live band they play to ever increasing audiences both at home and abroad.

Rave reviews pour in for every release, ranging from ‘a band on top of their game & steps ahead of any of their UK contemporaries’ to ‘if you’re in any doubt about how good these bad boys are then you need locking up’.

After 10 years some bands would be taking it easy but 2018 will see no let – up in their energy and activity. Having recently released an extraordinary and critically acclaimed 12” 10 minute Epic, ‘No Time (Like Right now)’’ (‘‘the sound of the MC5 bypassing 11 and turning things up to 12’’ – Mass Movement, UK) and with another three 7” singles in the pipeline, they are recording their fourth full-length album to be entitled ‘Stand For Nothing’.

This is 2018…..What are YOU gonna stand for?

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Watch!! Jesus Died So We Could Ride



High energy, bullshit free, no nonsense, fucked up garage punk rock and roll…..full tilt, crude, brutal and uncompromising but my God its just about as good as hard rockin’ punk goes. A monster of a record…… Album of the year?? By a country mile –

Simply stunning typifying everything I love about great punk rock music played with grit,, determination and above all honesty. ‘Black Denim Blitz’ then is all of that and more distilled into 13 tracks that will change your life forever. All you have to do now is listen, again and again. –

In essence the band is like a punk rock whip with the five lashes made from The Stooges, Misfits, Rollins Band, Turbonegro and Motorhead…… and this foursome are whipping crowds into submission…… The message is simple. We are The Hip Priests and you are not. – Maximumvolume Music

Could just be the UK proto-punk album we’ve all been waiting for. – Vivelerock

Wow!! This smacks you in the face as soon as it erupts out of the speakers!! Red hot and wild!! Makes you feel like smashing stuff just for the hell of it!! Man, if this band doesn’t wake you up, you are dead my friend. – Amp Magazine USA

Lubed up, sleazy rock ‘n’ roll, these guys are the real deal. Like Turbonegro’s bastards sons, mad, bad and dangerous to know… idea of a damn good time. – Gearhead Magazine USA

Denim–clad degenerates who love cheap sex more than Slayer loves Satan. Remarkably suggestive ditties thrashed out in a greaseball fury of double speed balls-out garage rock…… Definitely not for pussies. – Classic Rock

A total rocket ride that starts at breakneck speed and pretty much doesn’t let up until it’s all done……High energy would be an easy tag to throw around but that doesn’t even cover it. Its impossible for me to single anything out here for specific mention because its all so good. – Carbon 14 Magazine USA

Turbonegro in a head-on collision with the Dwarves while Lemmy & Iggy sit watching the carnage over a crate of beer….garage rock at its finest. Pure, absolute, trashtastic filth. Love it! –

Garage punk a go-go, nonstop kick-ass, booty shaking groovy, this is the shit, not kiddin’ just freakin’……the greatest cliché garage-punk I’ve heard in a long time…delivers what every garage band of today wants to deliver… one can compete with this band!! – Lowcut Magazine, Denmark

Fast furious sex pest rock n roll…songs primarily about the most base of carnal instincts -we love ‘em!! – Supernova Magazine UK

Raw and sonic as fuck,, these Motorhead-ish sluts of sleaze and dirt carelessly roar through each track here with no guilt. Balls out, ass kickin’ lock up your daughters type sweaty booze driven rock…rocked me like a hurricane. – Long Gone Loser Magazine, Australia

The sorta punk rock ‘n’ roll that leaves you feeling dirty after listening. Riffs inspired by Nashville Pussy, Zeke and Turbonegro, lyrics by top shelf magazines. Easily offended, get outta here. Like loud Guitars, drinking heavily and the smell of stale hookers and gasoline in the morning? Welcome to the church of the Hip Priests…..a roaring blaze of howling geetars, raging testosterone and breakneck rhythms. Get a load of this in yer lugholes and you aint gonna talk right for a week, not with out letting rip a torrent of trailer park tourettes anyhow. – Bubblegum Slut Magazine, UK

The Hip Priests take you to hot girls, filthy hookers and drunken nights…Premium sleazy R ‘n’ R as it was meant to be…Lots of sex and drugs…high energy drums, rolling bass and distorted guitars. Combined with screaming voice and lots of backing vocals. Dirty is not often this good. I wanna see this live!! For now, turn on the album, open bottles of beer and party!!!! Fuck yeah!!!! – Up magazine, Netherlands